We are a happy, little family of three. Our daughter has always suffered from reflux, vomiting, asthma symptoms, stomach aches, nausea and a million other symptoms. These have always been blamed on a cold or virus, her tonsils, gastro and a million other things! Now, finally, at eight and a half years old, she is currently being assessed for GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). She has been put on acid blockers (which have turned her life around) and is about to undergo further testing. In our quest to help her I have changed her eating to a low-acid diet but have had to invent most of this myself as there is virtually no information available for children with GERD. All the websites are geared towards either babies or adults, there is virtually nothing for kids aged between 3 – 12 years of age – so it’s my hope that this blog will help fill this gap and help other parents living with a child with GERD.

All children are different so the while my daughter is on acid blockers she is able to tolerate some food that she wouldn’t be able to eat without medication as her acid reflux would be too bad. So adapt the recipes, and food tips to your child and their tolerance toward certain food and please feel free to leave feedback to help other parents.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or registered dietitian, I am a mother with a child with Gastroesophageal reflux disease. The purpose of my blog is to share my experiences with food, tips, and life—not to give advice. When it comes to your health and fitness, see your doctor and do your research.


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  1. Omg what a difficult situation, but you sound very positive and determined about it. I wish you all the best in quest to fill the gap for children 3-12 years old and thank you for providing information for parents who might be facing a similar situation. i wish you a lovely week and thanks so much for visiting my blog.

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